We are dedicated to raising only the best healthiest ,quality pups to join your family. In order to insure that we have to set a pretty strict visiting policy.
We would love everyone to be able to experience how precious they are and see them as they grow, but in order to keep them safe and healthy this has become necessary.
Parvo virus is a fatal disease that is shed by infected dogs and can stay in the environment and soil for several years. It is resistant to many disinfectants and can be brought in unknowingly through direct and indirect contact, such as shoes, clothing, etc.
It attacks the intestinal tract and immune system. It can be fatal to a pup in 24 hours. Pups only immunity is what they get from their mother until they build up their own immune system after being fully vaccinated. ( after 16 weeks old) (This is also the reason we suggest you not take your pup to doggie parks, walks where other dogs go, pet stores, etc until your pup is fully vaccinated.)
For this reason, we don't allow visitors other that families who have placed a deposit on their pup. We hate to have to tell people, No you can't visit but it is simply to keep your future baby safe. Those who have a vested interest will be asked to adhere to some guidelines when they do visit. 


1.  You must have freshly laundered clothing on, no Stopping at any other kennel, pet store, or anywhere other dogs/pets are or may have been.
2. I will ask you to wash your hands and remove your shoes or wear shoe covers I have available. 
You will be allowed to view your pup but not handle them. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your understanding . I know everyone likes to handle and play with irresistible pups but in order to insure their health and safety we needed to have a visiting policy in place.