A little bit about us.

We have lived in Grass Lake since 1973. My husband Bill and I raised two sons here and found it to be a great community . 

I recently retired from my job at a food packaging plant for 35+ years, love dj-ing karaoke in my spare time and still keep my license up as a nurse although I haven't worked in the hospital scene for many years.


I have always been an animal lover. When we built our home here in the little community of Grass Lake, somehow every stray that came our way must have known that I am a 'softee' or that I would take them in and give them a place to sleep and a warm meal.


We became Aussiedoodle lovers quite by accident.


 About sixteen years ago we were visiting at some dear old friends home in Southern Illinois. They raise Aussiedoodles. We had and raised Golden Retrievers for the past 35 years.

Our friends offered an Aussiedoodle pup to us and it was love at first sight.

Our last golden is gone now, as is the abundance of shedding hair, but our house is now filled with these fluffy characters known as Aussiedoodles. I have always loved raising puppies so we have about one or two litters a year to fulfill my puppy urges.



I choose not to ship our pups, but if you're will to pay our expenses we will work it out with you to meet you or deliver your pup. Unless you're in outer Siberia.  My hubby is always up for a road trip! My reasoning is...these pups are too precious to me to put them on a plane not knowing what will happen to them before they get to their adopted homes....sorry folks I just won't do it. I've lost luggage...can't imagine losing one of our pups!
A Note about visitors.
We love showing off our pups . To insure Quality , Healthy Pups we ask a few things of you.
 When you visit, please DO NOT bring any pets with you.
 If we feel the pups are big enough to handle, we may ask that you wash your hands thoroughly before touching them.
Puppies immune systems are quite fragile until they have had all of their vaccinations. They will have had one of the 4 they need by the time they leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age.
We try to limit a lot of handling of them for this reason.
They are very susceptible to diseases at this age. You can unknowingly bring some of these germs in on your shoes, so please don't think we are unreasonable if we ask a few simple precautionary things of you.
It's also for this reason, we recommend that you don't take your new puppy to places where they may pick up these diseases from other dogs and people. Pet stores, doggy parks, etc until your pup is fully vaccinated.
Thank you in advance. We just want to share these beautiful little fluff balls with you and want to keep them healthy. 
We are dedicated to raising only the best healthiest ,quality pups to join your family. In order to insure that we have to set a pretty strict visiting policy.
We would love everyone to be able to experience how precious they are and see them as they grow, but in order to keep them safe and healthy this has become necessary.
Parvo virus is a fatal disease that is shed by infected dogs and can stay in the environment and soil for several years. It is resistant to many disinfectants and can be brought in unknowingly through direct and indirect contact, such as shoes, clothing, etc.
It attacks the intestinal tract and immune system. It can be fatal to a pup in 24 hours. Pups only immunity is what they get from their mother until they build up their own immune system after being fully vaccinated. ( after 16 weeks old) (This is also the reason we suggest you not take your pup to doggie parks, walks where other dogs go, pet stores, etc until your pup is fully vaccinated.)
For this reason, we don't allow visitors other that families who have placed a deposit on their pup. We hate to have to tell people, No you can't visit but it is simply to keep your future baby safe. Those who have a vested interest will be asked to adhere to some guidelines when they do visit.