Our Males

This is McCoy our cute stud muffin! He is taking over for Riley who has moved into retirement and to the couch. His first litters have  produced some of the most beautiful  and colorful pups I believe we have ever had here. He has such a sweet loving disposition that he seemed to pass on to his offspring. He is registered with ACHC. He has a splash of copper to go along with his black and white coat and he passes it along to many of his pups.
We have a beautiful Blue Merle mini male, Ernie. He is the sire to Oreo's pups and Bertie's 1st litter which will be due spring of 2021.

RILEY -( Lazy L's Riley Jr.) He is our home grown male . He is retired and is happy to just lie around the house and supervise now.

He is a real sweetie and will melt you with his soft brown eyes. 

He has given us some beautiful puppies and has earned his retirement and couch time.