LUCY LOU has Retired to the couch. She had her last litter of pups early in 2021.

Bertie is a beautiful black and white mini. She weighs about 24 pounds, has a wonderful loving personality .
Sugie as we call her is a beautiful Blue Merle Parti. She had her last litter on Christmas 2020. She is going into full retirement on the couch.
Well deserved Girl, well deserved.  
This Is Oreo.
She has a sweet and gentle disposition.
I love her beautiful brown eyes, you can nearly see her  beautiful soul. She is a mini.

Double R Sapphira  She is now RETIRED and taking up her spot on the couch with the rest.

We call her 'Sassy' .

She's a beautiful Blue Merle Parti

Sassy has the most beautiful ice blue eyes and looks like eye liner on. She has produced beautiful pups. She's a snuggle bug and loves being part of the family.

Double R Holly Hocks   RETIRED


She is a beautiful Blue Merle with one blue and one brown eye. Holly is Sassy's full sister and she is a real sweetie also. She is the largest of my girls at 40 pounds and she as well produced beautiful babies. She is enjoying the good life now as a retired gal.